Apple catching up?

iPhonesStill blows my mind that this is called innovation.  The same thing in a not so different package.  The one item that is most notable and should be all over the news is their new fingerprint scan to unlock.  Very intuitive and something all phones should have (and probably will within 12 months).  (<— Apparently removed before launch.  See promo here…) Other than that, iPhone users, why upgrade?  Non iPhone users, why switch?  I see a world of hardware and software options all heading down the personal communication and computing path, quickly converging technologies but Apple seems to be moving at their own pace, down their own path.

I remember when Apple was in fact, all that, back when I sold and serviced their product.  All of a sudden, they were passed by and nearly forgotten about because there were too many choices that were much less expensive.  It took a lot for them to rebound and get back to where they are today and its been very interesting to watch.  I am afraid though that history is repeating itself for Apple.  Its time for them to innovate again and really blow away the masses, if they don’t do it soon, well think back to 1999, remember Apple then?  Didn’t think so 🙁 .

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