Smooth Surface?

Looking forward to see how the new Surface plays in the market.  Seems a little late to the party but considering the players that are already at the party, it should be a good thing.  Here is how I see it, Microsoft may be late to market with a consumer tablet but they have designed something that uses established well rounded technology that other manufacturers have matured.  So far, I have used an Ipad, HP Touchpad and various Android tablets.  All with the same result, I can’t replace my laptop yet.  They (especially android) have come close but I can use QuickBooks or I can’t work on a document without messing up the formatting.  There are many things that can’t yet be done with a tablet for business users, I talk with clients every day who are frustrated that they spend a ton of cash on a device but still have to carry their laptop when they travel.  Here is where I think Microsoft may change the playing field a bit.  The Windows RT tablet is really for consumer use BUT, they are including a tablet version of Office with it.  This will help a lot of my clients when they travel but when Microsoft releases the Windows 8 Surface, users will be able to use it to run business applications like QuickBooks, Photoshop, and many other programs that are not available in the app marketplace.

Is Surface the answer?  No, Surface is just one product, but, imagine if Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and the rest make windows 8 tablets.  Oh wait, they already are!  Check the Yoga here…  Now, I can use a Windows 8 Tablet while my kids use Windows RT Tablets.  Finally, a platform for Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones that has a consistent user interface.

See more on the Surface here…

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